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Congratulations to the first Honda Hero on the USA / MotoAmerica Superbike

The American motorsport world has lost one of its first great heroes. American Dick Man died Monday at the age of 86; In the early days of Honda he was a limited character.

Dick Mann was seen as a very versatile racing driver who quickly adapted to new conditions. There were countless chapters in various motorsport divisions in his long life, all of which were easy for him. Deer was a founding member of the exclusive “Grand Slam Club” in the United States, which won national championships in road racing, the short track, the Tournament Cup, and the half-mile drag race. Full mile distance.

In 1975, Team USA won a bronze medal at the International Six-Day Trial, and Deer won the National AMA Championship twice. Especially interesting: In AMA’s first motocross race, a racer from Salt Lake City won.

In the 1970s the American competed for the Honda in the Daytona 200 at the Daytona International Speedway on the CB750 four-cylinder engine. The then 35-year-old won the first factory trip for the Japanese in Daytona. This made Honda a legend in American motorcycle racing from one day to the next, with the manufacturer not previously mentioned at an AMA event. In that race G.P. That victory found a significant place in his comeback as he defeated star Mike Halewood.

In 1971 he repeated Daytona’s success at the PSA. In total, Deer won 240 AMA races, of which he won 24. At age 40, he ended his road racing career and returned to his roots in trials. Until the 1990s, Deer continued to compete in races, and in 2006 he opened an exhibition for motorcycles in the American Hall of Fame called “Superman”. During his time as a racer, he developed frames and other motorcycle parts for off-road motorcycles.

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Deer died on April 26, 2021 at the age of 86.