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problem with google?  Downtime on Spotify and other web services

problem with google? Downtime on Spotify and other web services

Is Google to blame? On Tuesday evening, users reported problems with Snapchat, “Pokémon Go” and the Discord chat service, among other things.
Photo: dpa

Whether it’s Spotify, Snapchat, or Pokémon Go: On Tuesday evening, there were problems with many apps and sites around the world. The launcher may have been a Google malfunction.

DrIt’s a music streaming service spotify In addition to other apps and websites that crashed for many users on Tuesday. The trigger is likely to be the problems with Google’s cloud infrastructure, which many providers rely on.

The internet company reported technical issues shortly after 7:00 PM CET and announced seven minutes later that they were at least partially resolved.

After that, user reports on online portals such as allestö subsided. Previously, users had problems with, among other things snap chatThe smartphone game “Pokémon Go” and the chat service Discord reported.

Outages that can be traced back to problems with a large web service provider are not uncommon. also a glitch in google browser Trigger will not be the first time.

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