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Problems with message center and external displays ›

Problems with message center and external displays ›

Even after several months of public beta testing, macOS Ventura is by no means bug-free. It’s especially annoying that some users are also experiencing problems that were reported at the beginning of the testing phase.

Notification center makes bitches

Right after the start of the macOS Ventura beta tests, the majority of users encountered massive issues with Notification Center. Apple has managed to get rid of a number of bugs here, but the Notification Center and delivery associated with push notifications on a Mac don’t seem to work to this day. For example, push notifications are not displayed in the foreground for individual users, the notification center freezes and the widgets cannot be edited.

Windows are moved after hibernation

There is a known bug from previous system versions running under macOS Ventura. So Mac problem occurs where Application windows appear smaller and scroll down Keep waking up after your Mac wakes up from sleep, even on the latest version of Apple’s operating system. This is an issue with external displays on Mac desktops and laptops.

External monitors not recognized

When it comes to external monitors, there seem to be a number of other serious issues. In particular, when using third-party monitors, sometimes they are not recognized at all or not recognized correctly.

If you connect multiple monitors to your Mac, you are clearly not immune to problems, even with respect to Apple monitors. ifun reader Stefan writes that the Apple Thunderbolt display is no longer recognized as a second display on the 13-inch MacBook Pro since 2017. If instead he connects the Thunderbolt Display first, then connects the Apple Studio Display, which is normally used as the first display , the screen will be shattered on all screens including the MacBook screen. Apple Support couldn’t find a solution either.

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