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“Project Adam” – Back to Ryan Reynolds’ childhood

“Project Adam” – Back to Ryan Reynolds’ childhood

It was simply time for another travel movie. Time travel movie! While there hasn’t been a movie really relevant to this subgenre since “Back to the Future,” because Netflix doesn’t have to look at the money, a star-studded time travel scene has now been shot with “The Adam Project,” which, in addition to To a lot of work, is also funny it should be. Supposedly directed by director Sean Levy, who is recently working on “Free Guy” for Netflix, the movie is based on a screenplay that’s been in Hollywood for ten years and in which time Tom Cruise nearly made a time travel. But only roughly, because the article was not finally implemented – which had reasons.

The movie is now finished, and since Ryan Reynolds has also worked with Levi on Free Guy (and will soon appear in the Netflix sequel as well), Levi has hired the star again; Like I said, money is not an issue here.

The movie leads to the year 2050, where time travel is technically possible, but that wasn’t good for the world (we already know that from Back to the Future). Which is why pilot Adam (Reynolds) has to go back to 2018 to prevent time travel technology from being invented in the first place (this is also a well-known fact of this kind: eliminating cause). What is practical is that Adam’s father (Mark Ruffalo) was the inventor at the time, and in order not to fall from the clouds, when someone from the future comes and claims to be his son, Adam also collects his childish self (in the form of Walker Scobell) in 2022, which His mom (Jennifer Garner) doesn’t like him at all. Together they want to convince the father to undo everything that happens in the future. Of course there are 2,050 people who don’t want to let that happen and who are traveling back from the future to the present day with high-tech equipment and a lot of fighting spirit in order to take out Great Adam and Little Adam. Thank goodness you’ve got the support of beautiful Laura (a little future pimp look like Lara Croft: Zoe Saldana).

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Tab story

Now this story is permissive simply because you already know it, basically. To make matters worse: The Adam Project has deteriorated significantly into a number of theatrical productions, with uninspired action and fight scenes interrupting the actual plot from time to time. The special effects look as if they came from sales shelves, where slow sellers are put away. The budget was supposed to flow right into the cast, at least the movie didn’t look like it was made from the cash of money constantly pouring in on Netflix.

After about 30 minutes I lost interest in this comedy and science fiction. This is also because the jokes are almost funny and Reynolds and the rest of the cast are not at all challenged here. The drama’s mix of action, science fiction, and research doesn’t work at all. Levi and Reynolds could not continue the charming freshness of “Free Guy”: this journey through time is not a beginning.