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#ProjectBeyond: NVIDIA begins a campaign for the next generation of GeForce (update)

GeForce-RTX-40It looks like NVIDIA has started the marketing campaign for the next generation of GeForce. All social media accounts released a short and mysterious teaser video with the hashtag #ProjectBeyond.

Can not read details from the video. However, there should be more information and other publications over the coming days. #ProjectBeyond doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the next generation GeForce. The motto is here: Wait!

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Usually the site is well informed Video Cards A graphic has been included to fit the teaser, which was not intended for an audience at this time. Accordingly, NVIDIA is planning a special segment at the GPU Technology Conference dealing with the topic of GeForce. In the past, NVIDIA has always tried to separate this – to establish GTC as an internal gallery of hardware and software in the workstation and server segment.

On September 20, there will also be a GeForce presentation.

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