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Promise in Eternal Love |

Promise in Eternal Love |

Now the king’s niece Philip He married (62) of Belgium on September 10 at the Cathedral of Saint Michael and Saint Gudula in Brussels. For a long time it was not clear when the princess Maria Laura (34) The Parisian Wealth Manager William Esvi (31) dare.

500 large guests were invited to the church wedding, in a civic ceremony at City Hall they kept to themselves. The vows were exchanged in Dutch, French, German and English.

The Jordanian royal family is currently experiencing a boom in weddings. Two out of four children Rania (52) & Abdullah (60) His engagement: She chose the daughter Faith (25) is a New York financier Beautiful Alexander Termiotis (28). With the participation of the Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah (28) with Rajwa Khalid bin Musaed bin Saif bin Abdulaziz Al-Saif (28) The future Queen of Jordan is also confirmed. The bride’s right ring finger is already sparkling.

For generations, the ring has been seen as a sign that seals the promise of loyalty. According to a romantic legend, the vein on the ring finger leads directly to the heart. Austrian Maximilian gave his car Maria von Burgundy a diamond ring arranged in the Gothic letter “M” in 1477.

When she was ten years old, Mary of England received a simple gold ring from 15-year-old William of Orange, which was a huge success in the seventeenth century. Charlotte Mecklenburg-Strelitz received 1761 from George III. Many jewelers have dubbed her the “Queen of Diamonds”. Queen Elizabeth owned probably the most beautiful ring of our time – designed by Prince Philip himself. Even if millions wrapped your fingers around them – they are not considered eternal proof of love.

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But at least: “The bigger the shine, the more gorgeous the hand looks.” A piece of wisdom from actress Zsa Zsa Gabor who has been married eight times (2016 b 99).