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Protests over new school poisoning cases in Iran

Protests over new school poisoning cases in Iran

After new cases of poisoning in girls’ schools in Iran, relatives complained of a lack of information. More than four months after the first suspected cases, members of parliament said Iran’s security authorities had no explanation for the mysterious poisoning, Etemad newspaper reported today.

Last week, after the Persian New Year holiday, which marks the beginning of spring, dozens of cases were reported again when school started.

There are no investigation results

The Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), a US-based organization, reported that about 100 schoolgirls were poisoned in the Kurdish city of As-Sagh, the birthplace of protest icon Gina Mahsa Amini. More than twenty students are said to be in critical condition. The protesting parents were arrested. No official information was received about the poisoning in the Iranian Kurdish regions.

After criticism, authorities announced on Friday that they would soon submit an incident report. The poisoning wave caused unrest in the country for months. Girls’ schools are almost exclusively affected. Schoolgirls were treated in hospitals across the country. Doctors talk about gas poisoning. Authorities have officially registered more than 13,000 suspected cases.

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