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The Israeli government: the sacked defense minister returns to his post

The Israeli government: the sacked defense minister returns to his post

Status: 10/04/2023 9:49 PM

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu reinstated his expelled Defense Minister Galant to the government. The staff caused massive protests against his dismissal. Gallant has criticized Israel’s controversial judicial reform.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reversed the controversial decision to fire Defense Minister Joav Galant. And the prime minister announced in the evening that Galant, who, like him, belongs to the right-wing conservative Likud party, will return to his post. “We will work together for Israel’s security,” Netanyahu vowed.

The head of the right-wing religious government had sacked Gallant a few weeks ago because he had called for a halt to controversial judicial reform. New street protests against the impeachment immediately broke out. In addition, the staff has been criticized as unprofessional in light of the extremely tense security situation in Israel.

Threats to Lebanon and Syria

Rockets have been fired at Israel several times in the past few days – from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, but also from Lebanon and Syria. Netanyahu blamed the government of his predecessor, Jair Lapid. This “damaged deterrence,” Netanyahu said, referring to the maritime border agreement with Lebanon that Lapid’s government signed in October.

Netanyahu also stated again that he will stick to judicial reform, but wants to strive for a broad consensus. Minority rights will be guaranteed. Netanyahu’s current government is more right-wing than any government before it. She has been in the position for three months.