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PS5 release has been postponed indefinitely

PS5 release has been postponed indefinitely

Football Manager 2023 kick-off has been delayed – at least on PlayStation 5. Sega and Sports Interactive have delayed the release there at short notice.

When November 8th comes Football Manager 2023 for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | The S and Switch appear, then PlayStation owners watch from the seat. as a reason for the postponement Nice On the part of the developers, “unexpected complications” arose in the application and approval process.

Football Manager 2023: No new date for PS5 yet

This means that Sega and Sports Interactive will now have to postpone the PS5 release until further notice, a few days before the actual release. There is currently no new date, but we want to announce it as soon as possible. The update will follow “as soon as possible,” according to Sports Interactive and Sega.

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The delay also affects PlayStation Store pre-orders. All pre-orders have been canceled and buyers will receive a refund. This happens automatically, which is why customers do not need to take any further steps.

The release of other platforms is not at risk

Meanwhile, all the clarity has been delivered to PC, Xbox console, and Nintendo Switch. Football Manager 2023 will be released on platforms as scheduled on November 8, 2023.

On PC and Xbox consoles, you’ll find a file Football Manager 2023 is also released on Game Pass. PC gamers can be happier here, as they have the option of being able to play both the traditional PC version and the console version via subscription.

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