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Psychotherapy: What sentence did you take with you from your therapy?

Psychotherapy: What sentence did you take with you from your therapy?

A therapist once told me: “Love has nothing to do with performance.” “Ideally, you will be loved just the way you are.” I have carried those two sentences with me my whole life ever since. They have consistently helped me maintain healthy give and take in relationships and friendships. Many people are in therapy. From conversations with friends, I know that most people who have gone through therapy have taken away a powerful phrase or image from it.

“Metaphors can be very helpful on the inner path to healing,” says Dr. Leah Goetz from the Berlin Psychotherapists' Chamber. “On the other hand, simply giving advice is not the first approach for therapists, because this can create a dependent relationship.” One successful goal Psychotherapy On the contrary: patients must be able to organize themselves again, and this means that they must be able to recognize and meet their own needs. Therefore, these images and sentences are ideally created through collaboration and from patients' individual emotional experiences.

We want to know from people who have undergone psychotherapy: What sentence from your treatment sticks with you? What insight does this contain for you? How might this phrase, for example, have helped you get out of depression or anxiety? What have you learned about yourself and life in therapy? Tell us what you took away from your psychotherapy!

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