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PUBG: Battlegrounds: Version 30.1 brings updates to Ranked Mode

PUBG: Battlegrounds: Version 30.1 brings updates to Ranked Mode

Krafton is bringing the next update to its long-running PUBG: Battlegrounds game focusing on Ranked Mode.

Developer Krafton has now made available the new version 30.1 update for the long-running battle royale game PUBG: Battlegrounds. This new patch primarily brings several important changes to Ranked Mode, with the overall Ranked experience improved as well as new SMG balancing. The developers want to ensure a more competitive gaming experience.

Specifically, the following occurs with respect to classified mode:

  • Modifying the rank points system: The Rank Points system has been overhauled to better reflect individual player performance and make progression more challenging and rewarding.

  • Step protection: Players who have reached a higher level now benefit from a barrier that protects them from being demoted early in the event of defeat. This gives them the opportunity to get used to the new level and maintain their new rank.

  • Updated season rewards: Players can look forward to attractive seasonal rewards that provide additional incentives to achieve higher ranks and maintain that distinction.

As far as SMG balancing and shooting modifications are concerned, many weapons have been reworked, including the AUG, Dragunov, and SMG. This means that the combat experience should now be more balanced and accommodate different playing styles and strategies. Recoil and handling patterns have also been improved, resulting in a smoother and more responsive shooting experience.

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