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Putin: Gazprom "fully" fulfills its obligations

Putin: Gazprom “fully” fulfills its obligations

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Russian gas company “Gazprom” will “fully” fulfill its obligations. “Gazprom has fulfilled its commitments and is fulfilling them now and will continue to fulfill them in the future,” Putin said after a summit with Turkey and Iran in Tehran on Tuesday. Against the background of the conflict in Ukraine and Western sanctions, Gazprom recently significantly reduced deliveries to Europe.

Putin also warned against further cuts to Russian gas supplies through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. If Russia does not return repaired turbines in Canada, the pipeline’s daily production capacity threatens to drop significantly at the end of July, the Kremlin chief said. Russian state news TASS that the meeting came on Wednesday evening in Tehran. Putin offered at the same time: “We still have a completed route – it’s Nord Stream 2. We can run it.”

In the debate on the embargo on Ukrainian grain exports in Tehran, Putin called for the lifting of Western sanctions on Russian grain exports: “We will facilitate the export of Ukrainian grain, but we assume that all restrictions regarding the delivery of air freight to the export of Russian grain.”

Western countries accuse Russia of deliberately restricting the export of Ukrainian and Russian grain. On the other hand, Moscow blames Western sanctions for export shortages and soaring food prices around the world. However, the European Union and other countries have repeatedly stressed that food shipments from Russia are not subject to their sanctions.

Iran’s spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, called for continued close cooperation with Russia after his meeting with Putin on the sidelines of the tripartite summit of the presidents of Iran, Turkey and Russia. On Tuesday, Khamenei said on his website that this “will greatly benefit both countries.” “There are many agreements between the two countries, including oil and gas, that must be fully implemented.”

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Iran said that Russian gas giant Gazprom and its state-owned oil company signed a memorandum of understanding online on Tuesday on strategic cooperation worth about $40 billion. It concerns the development of Iranian oil and gas fields. Khamenei also stressed that both Russia and Iran were affected by Western sanctions.