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Putin responds to Biden’s accusation of being a killer – NRK Urix – Foreign News and Documentaries

In Russia, the state media and the political elite are in shock. The reason is the interview as an American TV station ABC News Was with US President Joe Biden.

There, the US president was asked if he thought Putin was a killer.

Biden responded with a pledge.

Previous times: From the meeting between Biden and Putin in 2011.

Photo: Alexander Nutruskin / Reuters

From kindergarten

Today, the answer came from President Putin. He uses a word often known from the kindergartens of Russia. Translated directly, it means “the one who gives a nickname to someone”.

Putin has responded to Biden's accusation that he is a murderer.

Strike: President Putin responded to his US opponent with the same currency. But he also wants good health.

Photo: SPUTNIK / Reuters

– As you know others, this is probably the closest Norwegian translation of what the Russian President said on television.

According to the Russian newspaper R.P.K., The President came up with the statement with all seriousness “without contradiction and humor”.

But at the same time, Putin wanted Biden to be in good health. He added that Russia wants to cooperate with the United States in areas that benefit the Russians.

A spokesman for the Russian president was sharper than his boss in his statement on the matter.

The Russian ambassador to the United States is invited home for consultations.

To Moscow: US Ambassador to Russia Anatoly Antonov is invited home for consultations.

Photo: Mark Wilson / AFP

– This is the worst statement of the President of the United States. Dmitry Peskov said that he clearly did not want to improve relations with our country.

A report from the Russian embassy in Washington, D.C., said relations between Russia and the United States were now in crisis and threatened collapse.

Seas: Russia recalls its US ambassador

Allegations of election interference

A few days ago, US officials released a new intelligence report on election interference.

It is alleged that President Putin went ahead with a Russian move to damage Biden’s candidacy in the presidential election. The goal should have been to get Donald Trump re-elected.

But the report also says that Russian hackers did not try to hack into the computers used in the election. Americans say they did so in previous elections.

The question arose as to whether Biden believed Putin was a murderer when the intelligence report was cited in an ABC News interview.

The reason for the question is that the Russian authorities are using very harsh methods against the opposition in the circle around the politician Alexei Navalny.

When asked in an interview if Putin was a murderer, Biden responded with a pledge.

Oversight: President Joe Biden came up with an unusual answer to an unusual question in an interview with ABC News.

Photo: POOL / AFP

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