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Quakecon 2021 - a behind the scenes look

Quakecon 2021 – a behind the scenes look

The Elder Scrolls Online – Preview of portals in Limbo

Now there’s only a little over two weeks left until my release The Elder Scrolls Online: BlackwoodAnd the The next chapter in the series, on PC / Mac and Stadia on Wednesday June 1, 2021 (the console release for Xbox and PlayStation will be released on June 8, 2021). Time to dive deeper into the matter. In our latest developer preview, learn more about the mysterious portals now haunting Darkforest, and set up your own foray into the Deadlands. Portals in Limbo are new global events unique to Darkforest that put you and fellow players to the test for fighting your way to the Land of the Dead. These randomly appearing gates on the Mahruns Dagon Plain began to pop across the area without warning, just as his terrible plan had predicted. Blackwood District Chief Jason Barnes reveals more details in the article Here.

The Elder Scrolls Online – Bonus experience, gold, and resources during Celebration of the Explorer

at Which – which Celebrate it again. During the current Explorer ceremonies, you can expect a double trial, double the return on resources and double the gold, no matter which Tamriel region you are in! You can still participate until Thursday May 20 at 4 PM CEST. Here You will find an overview of what to get.

Fallout 76 – General testing server and a new update on the way

Also in Fallout 76 The wheels don’t stand still! In the latest “From the Vault” article, you can learn more about our plans to reopen the public testing server to test the “Rule of Steel” update. We also have information about a smaller update that we want to post this month and about a score multiplier event taking place this weekend. Here There is all news in aggregator form.

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