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Battlefield 6: Next Trailer Leak - The audio track appeared

Battlefield 6: Next Trailer Leak – The audio track appeared

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Battlefield 6 eagerly awaited by the players. The trailer’s audio track has now been leaked. Many fans are now hoping DICE and EA will release the full trailer this week.

Update vom 11. May 2021Battlefield Twitter: EA has sparked community interest. At the end of April they tweeted:Get ready to reveal to us soon(Be prepared for our early detection.) As a result, many fans were hoping to make a big splash in the next few days. Now the Battlefield account tweeted:Words that will soon chime: John Boom“(Words that chime with Soon, June, Boom.) What was definitely meant to be funny and to indicate that there would be news in June was not well received by many fans. You were hoping for more than two lines on Twitter.

Update May 9, 2021: After the trailer’s audio track was leaked, many Battlefield fans assumed EA and DICE would release the full trailer in a day. Unfortunately, this did not happen and we still have to wait for the video for the next part of the series.

Redwood City, USA – at she It should DICE There is a lot going on these days. Made just a few days ago Leaks First images of the new Battlefield 6 Tour. And something has already returned to the audience. Audio clip is currently running, Which should be part of the new trailer.

Battlefield 6: DICE and EA under pressure after trailer sound leaked

Battlefield 6 first photo news is less than a week old, and so is it Rumors are already spreading. On Reddit An audio clip that should be part of the Battlefield 6 trailer is currently in circulation. The density of information leaked to the public is increasing. That might indicate an insider’s prophecy about Battlefield 6 will be fulfilled. So It could be an official announcement in May From EA and DICE to follow.

The default audio clip is a 32-second clip. Tom Henderson talking about Advertising a Twitter accountThat this is real. However, he thinks it is misleading. We summarize what can be heard and what it could mean.

Battlefield 6: Audio Leaked – Are DICE and EA Sending Us Into the Future?

DICE and EA seem to have some plans. The audio clip too Battlefield 6 begins with fast-paced music And the sounds of automatic gunfire accompanied by shouting. A mechanical voice is heard, followed by a “Back off!” And the sound of collision. Music is speeding up again, accompanied by a sound reminiscent of hissing missiles, That fly across the battlefield.

Battlefield 6: Leaked audio clip – DICE and EA under pressure.

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This is followed by another noise that feels like a heavy impact. Then a heavy metal sound can be heard. This remembers itself Shooting guns from a warship Or other large military equipment. A fan-like noise may also be heard. Finally, the volume is a descending of three. You will hear a beep sent to I might remember launching an airplane. This assumption is supported by the audible sentence “… the plane is gone” and the sound of the combustion engine.

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Fans on reddit now fear DICE and EA will take us to the new one Battlefield 6 on futuristic battlefields send. A leak from Tom Henderson indicates at least this trend. Accordingly, Battlefield 6 should be playing after Battlefield 4 in the near future. Fans suspect that behind the sound scene in Trailer audio now does all kinds of different things. Reddit users: in “ThyGuardian” are speculating that it will go into space.

Battlefield 6: DICE and EA should follow suit – that’s how we interpret the leaked trailer sound

According to Tom Henderson Battlefield 6’s setting is straightforward. DICE and EA will send us out in the near future. However, we consider some fans’ fear of mechanical suits, exoskeleton suits or other futuristic gadgets unrealistic. The The propaganda audio clip provides room for such interpretations, The sounds that appear can also be the sounds of known vehicles.

The fact is, the leaked trailer sound becomes the new Battlefield 6 looks really huge And it makes you want more. Not surprisingly yet the failures DICE and EA have experienced with Battlefield V. The information we have so far is definitely. Very promising.

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