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Schuld womöglich Qualcomm: Darum läuft Windows nicht auf dem M1-Mac

Qualcomm may be to blame: that’s why Windows won’t work on M1 Mac

An apple has with M1-Mac His successors performed impressive performance miracles, but there is still one limitation that currently annoys many users: Windows does not work on an Apple Silicon Mac – or does not work normally. That may soon change, because the decade that’s been on the road so far is about to expire.

Apple’s new MacBooks and desktops with the M1 and M1 Pro/M1 Max support Windows right now – technically only – but Microsoft’s system can’t be used regularly, or if so, only on a Windows Insider build basis. Reason: Microsoft does not provide an ARM license for Windows. The company has never commented on why this is – and not surprisingly, if what is true for what is usually a fairly subtle environment mentioned had become.

After that, Microsoft currently has an exclusive contract with Qualcomm. This states that Windows can only be licensed on ARM devices with Qualcomm chipsets. This will greatly favor Qualcomm and exclude companies like Apple.

The exclusive deal is set to expire soon

Apple had already announced on several occasions that the ball was in Microsoft’s half field, but so far there has been no reaction from there. That may change soon, because, as has been said, this contract between Qualcomm and Microsoft will expire in the near future.

Moreover, Windows support on M1-mac will probably only be a matter of time, which should satisfy many users, especially those using Windows-apps Not available for macOS.