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Queen Elizabeth II: expert on meeting the great-granddaughter, Lillipet

Queen Elizabeth II: expert on meeting the great-granddaughter, Lillipet

Many observers expected that Prince Harry (37) with his wife Duchess Meghan (40) and his children archery (2 and Lilibet (9 months) will be traveling to England soon. After all, Harry’s grandmother celebrates, Queen Elizabeth II (95) The seventieth anniversary of her accession to the throne this year. But after a spokesman for the Prince announced that Prince Harry is holding a memorial service for his grandfather, who died in April of last year Prince Philip (99) Will not visit, hopes do not seem to come true.

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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan reside in California

memorial service It is scheduled for March 29. But Prince Harry appears to fear for his family’s safety when he travels to England from Montecito, California, where the Sussex family has lived since 2020. Reason: Since he and Duchess Meghan have resigned from all official offices as working royals, they are no longer entitled to police protection . Prince Harry even wanted to personally pay for his security, but so far no agreement has been reached with the British government. The case is now in the courts.

When will Queen Elizabeth see her granddaughter herself?

According to nobleman Richard Fitzwilliams (72), it was expected that Prince Harry would not attend the memorial service. Speaking to, he said: “I think that was to be expected given the security issue. He obviously would have wanted to come if he could.”

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Hopes that Queen Elizabeth II in person will soon embrace her grandson Lilibet, who was born on June 4, 2021 in Santa Barbara, California, are fading fast. “It’s becoming increasingly unlikely,” says Fitzwilliams, who thinks the security row “obviously won’t be resolved anytime soon.” However, if the dispute over police protection is resolved, there is a good chance Harry will travel to England with his family. After all, Fitzwilliams has also revealed that Prince Harry is hoping to see his grandmother soon.