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Will ex-husband Seal ever be a father again?

Will ex-husband Seal ever be a father again?

Looks like Ciel will be a father again! Previous photos show Heidi Klum with his supposed pregnant girlfriend.

The basics in brief

  • The seal has been in good hands again for about half a year.
  • Will the new love have a happy baby?
  • The new photos that have emerged show the new photos of Klum’s ex with a belly.

Well, do Heidi Klum’s (48) children have a sibling?

This Ex-Seal Pair (59) new torch He has no secret. But now there are rumors of a baby boy about the British singer and her chosen one!

Seal has been with his former assistant Laura Strayer for about six months now. But you haven’t heard or seen much of both – yet.

Because now new pictures have appeared. These pictures show the love birds holding hands on a fun walk. One thing in particular stands out Eye: Bump baby supposed to his lover!

whether it’s two In fact we expect offspringbut not yet confirmed.

By the way: Heidi Klum also knows the new girl on the stamp side very well. as a character music assistant Laura Strayer even lived under the same roof with him and Heidi. Stop!

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