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Queen Elizabeth II, mother of 'Royal Soap'

Queen Elizabeth II, mother of ‘Royal Soap’

Best Entertainment: Scandals of all kinds have accompanied the Queen’s 70-year reign. It wasn’t her fault. exactly the contrary!

Human, friendly, and private: then-Princess Elizabeth (right) with her sister Margaret in 1939.BBC

Elizabeth II’s enduring accomplishments include turning the venerable royal family into a highly profitable entertainment business. The British royals are the world leaders in this – and no other royal house offers such a programme. The most beautiful and best entertainment for everyone who is interested, and there are few. “Royal soap” is played almost every day, and in addition to the usual representative nonsense, such as opening hospitals, visiting kindergartens or reading government statements, it mainly leads to concrete scandals.

The royal family here has proven to be a single-minded person under Elizabeth’s patronage. She remembers the many affairs of her younger sister Margaret, the princess of the party and witchcraft unparalleled to this day. The tragic love story of her son Prince Charles and Lady Diana rocks the royal family and thus we are to this day; The same is true of Prince Andrew’s other offspring, “Andy Horn”, as he is called from the tabloids, and also of his daughter Princess Anne in the beginning. And Prince Harry and Meghan’s “dirty” grandson didn’t disappoint either.

Elizabeth II and the insignificance of the monarchy

They all provided reliable, high-quality entertainment. However, soon the impression arose that the queen had nothing to do with all this – the numerous lapses and embarrassments in the family befell the morally strict and conscientious Elizabeth like tragedy, bad fate. However, this is not true. In fact, Elizabeth took care of it herself when, in the late 1960s, she wanted to modernize the infamous royal family – only corrupt outsiders were allegedly swayed at the expense of British taxpayers.

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‘Normal, hard-working’ people: Prince Philip completely untouched as a hobby painter: a scene from the BBC documentary ‘The Royal Family’.BBC

The idea came from husband Prince Philip. He wanted to show the public that members of the royal family are “ordinary, hard-working people” and was convinced that in the age of the media, the monarchy could no longer be preserved by obscurity or exaggeration, and therefore the privacy of family members, who were in fact Servants of the state, at any cost. People wanted to be friendly and helpful, so the ‘Royal Family’ documentary was created with the BBC, in the manner of ‘Royal Soap’ mother.

Here the Windsor family emerged as a happy family with their children – the BBC team accompanied them for a year, thus creating a true, unaffected and undistorted picture. It is absolutely incredible from today’s point of view, the documentary, which was broadcast on British television in 1969, broke all taboos. Elizabeth feared further secularization or vulgarization of the monarchy and should prevent its rebroadcasts to this day. This was a sign of the avenue, an invitation to search for photos and people. Justification from the highest authority.

A scene from the documentary “The Royal Family” shows the royal family at the breakfast table: Anne, Elizabeth, Philip and Charles (from left).stone key