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Schauspielhaus Wien closes his hotel: ‘the end of everything’

Schauspielhaus Wien closes his hotel: ‘the end of everything’

The question “in the end nothing?” It appears in a new light with the performance of Schindegger. Universe, Hell, Apocalypse, Nothingness and the End are discussed for 75 minutes. Nothingness is unimaginable, so it is not the end. make you think. The viewer is asked to think about the questions being asked in the room. You don’t get any answers.

In the informal environment of the theatre, one should feel at home, it is said upon arrival on Saturday. It is already working. The wooden amphitheater built into the theater room has become very familiar to hotel visitors in recent months. Now everything seems to be on the verge of disassembly – keeping with the theme. In the narrow corridors of the auditorium, you are led through rooms that were built especially for the hotel. Artistic installations in the rooms also give the impression of being half-disassembled. The audio recordings are still coming from somewhere. In many places shingles are temporarily stored. A single mattress is lost in a small room without windows. On the walls you can see various pictures of old performances.

When the theater became a “hotel” in the middle of the lockdown, people expected that there would always be something going on there. It should be a meeting place for artists and spectators. Now it’s over. Tonight reflects this as well. New actors keep appearing who claim to be there by chance. It’s like you’re in a common room in a hostel with people coming and going all the time. Meanwhile you’re in a piece that never seems to end.

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There is a strong affinity of the audience. So much and so little happens at the same time. Played confusion gives the evening its own character. It’s the comedic breaks between the performers that make it easy to imagine that they actually lived in the hotel together. They talk about special dates, they have to clean their rooms and go.

All of them are accompanied by a fear of the end. This is exactly what the viewer is waiting for. The end is also awaited with anticipation on the stage. However you do not want to achieve this. Chaos occurs suddenly and the planned order once again. Hustle and bustle goes well with the real ending.

“The End of Everything” is a worthy farewell performance. If you want to experience the finish for yourself, you should stop. But no later than March 23. Because that’s the end of it, too.

(Service – “The End of it All” by Thomas Schweigen Ensemble, World Premiere. Director: Thomas Schwegen, Group: Stefan Weber, Costumes: Giovanna Poliger, Music: Dominic Meyer. With: Simone Bauer, Vera von Günten, Jesse Inman, Sophia Löffler and Sebastian Schindegger, Schauspielhaus Wien, Vienna 9, Porzellangasse 19, dates until 23 March at)