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Quick Quotes and Featured Analysis: The Wide World of Television Experts

They are the playmakers on camera, the authorities on the courts, the spokesmen in the pit lane – and, as Gary Lineker has shown, more powerful than the BBC.

Thanks to Gary Lineker, who isn’t shy about sharing his vision of things away from the English football fields, they’re on everyone’s lips: TV experts. They decorate each sports broadcast with often thoughtful, sometimes humorous, sometimes controversial commentary – and in any case offer something to talk about. A group of the most prominent representatives of this diverse guild.

The national shrine. It soon became apparent that there would only be one winner here. The BBC wanted Gary Lineker, football expert and prominent TV host, to be suspended for harshly criticizing Britain’s asylum policy – and scoring a flawless goal in the process. Because Lineker, 62, is now an even bigger number than he was in the 1980s, when he was one of England’s best strikers (48 goals for the Three Lions) and scored goals for Leicester City, Tottenham and Barcelona. His famous colleagues at the BBC interrupted, his nine million Twitter followers did the rest, and soon the world’s most recognizable face on football TV was back on the air (“I’m still here and I’m still delivering”).

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