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Russia warns of risks of armed conflict with NATO

Russia warns of risks of armed conflict with NATO

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin said that Moscow would be ready to hold talks on an equal footing at any time.

Due to the tension between Russia NATO and the Ministry of Defense in Moscow Western military attaches face the risk of armed conflict warned. “Recently, the alliance has turned to the practice of direct provocation, which poses a high risk of escalating into an armed confrontation,” Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin told diplomats in Moscow on Monday.

The ministry released a video showing Fomin telling the men in uniform to foreigners from Russia NATO criticism reported. Accordingly, among the 105 participants were representatives of 14 NATO countries.

Fomin accused NATO of a massive increase in military activities. In 2020 alone, the number of military flights will be in operation from Russia The border has been increased from 436 to 710. Each year NATO opposes 30 major exercises with combat scenarios Russia far.

Security guarantees required

Fomin remembers from Russia NATO demands security guarantees and an end to eastward expansion. again warned He faces the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO. President Vladimir Putin recently threatened consequences if NATO continues to operate from Russia Proximity progress.

The Kremlin and the Foreign Ministry in Moscow expect that there will be a dialogue with NATO on this matter after the Russian New Year holiday, which ends on January 9. To this end, NATORussia– Board together. No date has been set.

Fomin said that Russia Be prepared to have an eye-level conversation at any time. At the same time, he criticized the fact that for years NATO has rejected every offer of talks from Moscow and prefers the path of confrontation. Russia He criticizes the fact that NATO has been getting closer to military bases and weapons systems since the collapse of the Soviet Union 30 years ago Russia Transfer. In Eastern Europe alone, 13,000 soldiers from NATO countries are now permanently stationed, including 200 tanks, 30 aircraft and helicopters.

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NATO sees this as a deterrent to aggressive policies from Russia Among other things against Ukraine. In addition, the military alliance is currently critical of the increase in Russian forces near the Ukrainian border.