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Quiet and loving spring at Schlenning Castle

Quiet and loving spring at Schlenning Castle

“SOUND Spring Burg Schlaining 2023” from May 15 to 21, 2023

Under the motto “Peace and Love – Friede & Liebe” the “KLANGfrühling Burg Schlaining” will take place from May 15 to May 21, 2023. In the program there are 15 events – from concerts, exhibitions and discussions to singing together. This year’s most notable guests were Nicholas Ovcharek and his wife, Tamara Metelka. Next to him you can look forward to Nikolaj Tonkewich, Jack Donner, Helmut Gaspar or the “First Women’s Grazer Orchestra”. Music by Mozart, Haydn, Bach, Mussorgsky, Debussy and world premieres are presented. With locations in all five Schlenning Districts, the festival comes directly to the people, in the midst of the people. This idea is expanded again this year, as the journey from one area to another can be challenged by bicycle – so to speak, under the slogan “sport and music”. “With its very special programmatic orientation, Spring of Sound covers a special aspect of the Burgenland festival scene and underscores the great diversity of our country. It offers a lively, high-quality program that once again lives up to its reputation and has provided an important cultural and economic impetus for more than two decades.” emphasized Regional Adviser Dr. Leonhard Schneemann, representing Governor Hans-Peter Doskozil, in the program presentation.

What began in 2000 with chamber music at Schlenning Castle has established itself as an exceptional event, one with an unmistakable profile. This is exactly what KLANGfrühling will do again this year. This year, the festival is again dedicated specifically to youth art, underscoring the importance of Burgenland’s diverse cultural scene. Anna Maria Nemec also celebrates her premiere with her duet partner as Baubo Collectiv. Another highlight was the premiere of the frog opera “Toadette” by 17-year-old Morbicher Jack Donner. Friday is all about new music from Burgenland. The innovative character of Klangfrühling can be seen, for example, in the form of the ‘Sunrise Concert’, where the early risers will get their holiday money’s worth – musically with guitarist Helmut Gaspar, and from the landscape, at around 5.15am bathed in the first rays of the sun that break The morning sky over the castle in beautiful colours.

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“Peace & Love – Friede & Liebe,” managing director Werner Glosel said in his introduction to Burg Schlaining, this theme fits perfectly with the sound of spring. In accordance with the motto “Miracle” in 2023, we want to set an example again this year,” as technical director Gerhard Kramer explained in the presentation: “We want to go beyond Burgenland, and we have already succeeded with Johannes and Eduard Kotterwatz. The connection never breaks, there are always points of contact. The ways to succeed in Burgenland are communication and teamwork! “For Kramer, KLANG spring begins with the most important people, the kids.” At the beginning, the entire castle is sung and played. Since schools are so interested in it, we will probably have to expand the offer to two days in 2024. But this is important. You are the audience of tomorrow. We want to make everyone, young and old, want to experience live music with us. Edward Kotrowitz was somewhat thoughtful on the show and explained: “Art is not just embellishment for the end of the day. What do I want from my technician? to build bridges. I stand by not demolishing all bridges, art will always be in demand. I am still in contact with artists from Russia. It’s about expressing through music our difference.”

Concerts in all five districts of the Stadtschlaining are about music, encounters and conviviality – but not, as one might expect, in ‘ordinary’ concert halls. The feast goes to the people among the people. This great idea is being expanded again this year, as the journey from one area to another can be challenged by bicycle – so to speak, under the theme “sport and music”. For Mayor Marcus Selinger, local residents’ participation in the festival is an important aspect. “Since Gerhard Kramer took over, there have been concerts in all five districts at the Stadtschlaining, but not, as one might expect, in ‘ordinary’ concert halls. The festival goes to the people among the people. This is going well and it’s good too!” Szelinger says. This idea is expanded again this year, as the journey from one area to another can be challenged by bicycle – so to speak, under the slogan “sport and music”.

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Jack Donner hosted his show, and puppeteer Christine Nurse was also in attendance. It’s exhausting to balance everything as a pianist, soloist, conductor and composer all at the same time, Donner said. But I chose the program because it fits the theme of the operetta. music that I composed,” Donner says. So he also chose a romantic program for his solo concert. The overture opera is rather small, with eight instrumentalists and five singers, and lasts just under an hour.

“KLANGfrühling has developed into a fixed point for the southern Burgenland region and is also considered one of our ‘lighthouse projects’. The atmosphere here – around Schlaining Castle – is very special and unique. Although international and national artists, artists from Burgenland were also given a stage. KLANGfrühling’s focus on regionalism is complemented by the international flair that international artists bring with them,” explains regional advisor Dr. Leonard Schneemann.

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SOUND spring_1: District Councilor Leonhard Schneemann (second from left) with Mayor Markus Zellinger and Artistic Director Gerhard Kramer (left to back) with Anna Maria Nemec (front), who celebrates her premiere at Schlenning Castle with her cello.

Spring Voice_2: Werner Glosel, Mayor Marcus Zellinger, Anna Maria Nemec with cello, Soloist Astrid Schwarz, District Councilor Leonhard Schneemann, President Thomas Maria Moneti, Kebo (Burgenland composers and performers), Puppet maker Christine Norse, Eduard Kotrots, Jack Donner and Gerhard Kramer (From left) The program takes place at Schlenning Castle.

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