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Foolish sounds in the evening hour |

Foolish sounds in the evening hour |

In the “Originalklang Freistadt” world-famous artists will be able to hear music tracks made especially for concert venues.

Tomorrow Wednesday (8:30 pm) starts with the “L’Arpa Festante Consort” with the program “Soli Die Gloria”. This is followed by a particularly atmospheric experience on Friday with the evening concert (10pm) in St. Peter’s Basilica: by candlelight Franziska Fleischanderl will play Salterio, the Baroque master of the dulcimer. The musician, who grew up in Alberndorf, is a world famous virtuoso on this instrument, which is prized for its special timbre.

Advance ticket sales at Papier & Bücher Wolfsgruber in Pfarrgasse Freistadt, by phone at 0664/440 72 10 or by e-mail: [email protected]. Admission is free for youth, students and holders of the “Hunger for Art and Culture” card.


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