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Rabserin plays a musical – the dove of peace turns into a white crow

Rabserin plays a musical – the dove of peace turns into a white crow

Angelina Negischer Traxler, better known as Angelina Saloniemi, can now fully pursue her great passion for acting. There seems to be no shortage of offers.

Angelina is currently on stage in Vienna during rehearsals for the children's musical “Stelluna – Star Moon” by Stella Jones. “The training lasts for about a month and is very intense,” Angelina explains. Their eyes sparkle in anticipation of the performances, which contain many jazzy elements and movements. Polyphonic choruses or vocal performances should also be rehearsed behind the stage. There is also sophisticated choreography.

The piece addresses the climate issue. There are negative forces and Stillona who are supposed to save the world. Angelina was chosen for the role of “White Crow”. “I played with Stella Jones once ten years ago. With almost the same crew on stage this time too. For me it was like returning to my family,” she says.

Two productions at Porgy & Bess in Vienna

When Angelina was asked if she didn't miss working in the paper and book business, which she gave up last year, she said: “I really liked calling clients and when I need them, I'm still happy to help. But what's most relaxing is coming home after training without pressure.” final date.

But Angelina is not only hired for the film “Stelluna Star Moon”: after the performances, rehearsals continue for the next piece “Frogs”, the main theme of which is the rainforest.

The performances of “Stelluna Star Moon” will take place on Sunday 3 and Sunday 17 March at 2 pm in the jazz club “Porgy & Bess”. Rieder from Weikertschlag organizes a combined bus trip for all Angelina fans from Waldviertel. “The Frogs” will be on the schedule on Saturday, April 6 and Sunday, April 7.

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When Angelina isn't flying across the stage like a white crow, she's still fluttering over the boards that mean the world with her special “The Unique Dove of Peace.”