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Radio broadcast concert Ö1 –

Radio broadcast concert Ö1 –

Radio Ö1 launch party

Doris Glaser and Andreas Jungwirth honor Klaus Höring as “Radio Play Actor of the Year”, presenting the best radio plays.

The first radio play featuring Klaus Höring was produced in 1965 – the actor, speaker and director Klaus Höring, born in Cologne in 1934, has been active in radio plays for nearly six decades – he has played more than 50 play roles. Most recently in “What Do You See? Night!” by Ludwig Fels, “The Vitamin Lie” and “The Waiting Room” by Daniel Visser.

It is the vote of Ö1 listeners that decides who will receive this year's “Audience Award”. Radio plays are not a niche product if 100,000 people listen to them every week on Ö1. Cultural journalists from Presse, Standard, Salzburger Nachrichten, Falter and Kleine Zeitung nominate what they believe to be the “most attractive and artistically advanced” original radio play of the year.

In order to recognize the performance of sound engineers – who play an important role in the success of a radio play production – an award is also given for “Best Sound Design” for a radio play.

The winners of the short radio play competition “Path 5” will also be honored. “I'm hearing this for the first time” was the line that was to appear in each of the short radio plays submitted.

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