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SPACE PARASITES - Album "The Spellbound Witch" 21.01.22

SPACE PARASITES – Album “The Spellbound Witch” 21.01.22

On January 21st, 2022, Space Parasites’ new album The Spellbound Witch will be released on CD via IRON SHIELD RECORDS.

Metal troupe SPACE PARASITES was founded in early 2017 in Berlin by Willi Will (drums), Diana “Gory Di” (Bass) and Sebastian “Iron” Daschke. In August 2017, Nadine “Danger Diene” was recruited to sing, and for a little longer they were looking for a second guitarist to finalize the sound.

In September 2020, it’s time. Matty joined them and completed the pentathlon. It soon became clear where to go. The former’s heavy sound gave way to its distinctive, crisp timbre, which has its roots in classic heavy metal. In June 2018, the first songs were released, and SPACE PARASITES recorded the show EP “A Date with Thrash Doctor” on their own, and the premiere followed.

After they were infected with the music virus, they started writing new songs with a disc release plan. “RAW AND VIOLENT” saw the light of day in the music world as a DIY release in September 2019 and delivers on what it promises. The sound is harsh and brutal. Banned from the practice room due to the Covid 19 epidemic, SPACE PARASITES had time to write new songs to find their true style, which is more diverse and varied.

The new album “THE SPELLBOUND WITCH” has been created. The witch is a recurring topic and is deepened with the new record. The current disc was recorded and produced by Martin Buchwalter at Gernhart Studio. IRON has been drawn to these new, diverse and haunting tunes by SHIELD Records, whose album will now be released in early 2022!

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Tracking List:
1. Introduction
2. Crimson eyes
3. Rot in Hell
4. Cross the line
5. …and again
6. Enter the space
7. Spear
8. He-M-An
9. The Witch Witch
10. Other
Total playing time: 38:45 minutes

Lined up:
Nadine Walk – vocals
Sebastian Dashke – guitars, back vocals
Matty Schneider – guitars, backing vocals
Diana Arnold – bass, backing vocals
Willy Willy – drums and backing vocals