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Radio Drama: Alan Ginsberg’s Attacks on the United States – Media

His country loses him: Alan Ginsberg, an American writer who died 25 years ago, is one of the most important murmurers and intellectual insurgents in America. He loved his homeland, but it did not make it easy for her. “America, I gave you everything – now I have nothing,” he said in his lyrics to “America“: “I’m tired of your sick demands. Your whole machine is so violent to me. I made my decision: there will be trouble!” Based on the various wars against terrorism, some lies, Trump’s presidency and the growing right – wing extremist mob, one can assume that even in the 21st century, Kinsberg would not have compromised with his country.

Michael Farin chose his radio play Wild eyes! Sacred Screams! “In the United States And “scream Served, but with less well-known texts such as Ginsberg’s “Krall Majels”And “a supermarket in California, Turs Groonbeen and Clemens J. Often re-translated by Sets. Poetry and prose, literature and biography. It’s Kinsberg’s work and thought, a fierce chase through 90 minutes of attack.

While there are always moments of compromise, in terms of content, it gets into the business. Michael Farin fully believes in the quality of the texts in his production. Not even in the subtle music of New buildings collapsing-Bassist Alexander Hague, still in the tone of the cast, tries to reinforce the effect of what is being said. On the contrary, he and the famous actors Ulrich Nothen, Ulrich Mets and Kai Weissinger know that the more they leave, the clearer the thing becomes.

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Wild eyes! Sacred Screams! DLF Culture, April 3, 6:30 p.m.