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The weather announcer warns his own children of the hurricane in a live broadcast – “It’s moving over my house”


April 02, 2022 – 11:06 Clock

Viewers are amazed when Doug Gummer interrupts his live weather report on TV and picks up his mobile phone. “Go to the basement!” NBC chief meteorologist says on the phone. At the other end of the line: One of his children who wants to warn of an approaching hurricane.

Host Calls During Broadcast: Tornado Warning Live for Kids on NBC

At 8:45 p.m., Thursday, Comer reports the National Weather Service’s hurricane warning. The hurricane is expected to reach the US state of Maryland. Not only that – during the live broadcast, the reviewer realizes: “He’s moving over my house.”

The blacksmith dialed a number on his cell phone and reached his son Kent. “There’s a hurricane warning. I want to make sure you go down as soon as possible with the vacancy, right?” He says. “Go straight to that bedroom and wait 10 to 15 minutes. Please do it right now, okay? Thank you, my boy.”

Doug Kammerer: “They probably gamble online”

Then the weather announcer calls the audience and explains why they do not want to wait: “I had to warn my children because I do not know what they are doing now. They can probably gamble online. It’s not even available.”

Fortunately, Doug Gummer did not have to worry about his offspring for long: the weather service removed the hurricane warning shortly thereafter. (BST)