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Rafael Nadal: What is the main record?

Rafael Nadal: What is the main record?

Spanish tennis professional Rafael Nadal (35) set a very special record on Sunday. He just didn’t make it to the World Cup finals Australian Open (pronounced european oupen) won. Nadal is also his first male player 21. Main-Title (pronounced midshore) won.

What do you mean exactly?

Translated from English, the word “main” means “big“.if you win what’s called”Grand Slam Championship, that will also be called Big Championship a certain. “Grand Slam” (pronounced gränd släm) means “big slam”. There are four Grand Slam tournaments in tennis. The first is held every year in Australia Melbourne instead of. The other three matches will be played in France (French open; sprich frensch oupen), in England (Wimbledon Open; say: Wimbledon Open) and in United States of America (US Open) Stats.

Nadal became the first player to win 21 Grand Slam tournaments. Therefore, he has the most important opponents Roger Federer And Novak Djokovic transcend it. Both have 20 major titles. There was a lot of buzz around Novak Scukovic before the tournament in Melbourne. He was not allowed to compete. Read more about it here!

A little over a month ago, things were still looking bad for Nadal. He had one prolonged injury On foot he didn’t know if he could even compete. After winning, he couldn’t believe his luck: “He will never be forgotten and will remain in my heart for the rest of my life,” said the happy winner. good to know: You can win a lot of money in tournaments. There are also important points in the world rankings.

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Noun: Rafael Nadal
Born inJune 3, 1986 AD in Spain (35 years old).
nicknames: “Thor Manacor”, “Rafa”
size: 185 cm
Distinctive feature: He is also called the king of clay because he has given the best claycourt performance among all the players in recent years.