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Schedule, sports, competitions, broadcasts on TV and live broadcasts

Schedule, sports, competitions, broadcasts on TV and live broadcasts

On Thursday, 13 competitions will be held at the Olympic Games in Beijing. SPOX shows you when it’s due and what it looks like to stream on TV and live.

13 competitions with five medal decisions: The 13th day of competition at the Olympic Games in Beijing has a lot to offer.

Starting Thursday, February 17th at 02:05 CET, the men’s curling preliminary round opens its Olympic day. Then it continues all day until the afternoon.

The most remarkable thing from a German point of view is the decision in the Nordic countries combined. Eric Frenzel is still making his Olympic debut. The combined northern athlete, who was released from coronavirus quarantine on Monday after eleven days, will begin the relay on Thursday (from 4:00 p.m. OZ/9:00 a.m. CET/ARD). National coach Hermann Weinbuch decided after jumping training in Zhangjiakou.

“I am glad my trip here was not in vain,” Frenzel said. SID Already said after the jump training at noon. In addition to the 33-year-old, regular hilltop Olympic champions Vincent Geiger, Manuel Weiss and Julian Schmid will be used. So Johannes Redzek must watch.

Frenzel had previously received the go-ahead from team doctor Stefan Becher. “We had a five-kilometer test with Eric, and it was very positive,” Weinbuch said. “We checked him, did an EKG, listened to his lungs. We tried to introduce him step by step.”

Athletic soldier Frenzel is the first combined athlete in history to win his fourth gold medal at the Olympic Games. The same goes for Norwegian Jürgen Graback, who won the competition on the big hill on Tuesday. In the last two Olympics and the last three world championships, Germany, Norway and Austria have always shared the relay medals.

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From a global perspective, all eyes will be on Camila Valleoa on Thursday: The Russian figure skater, who is participating provisionally due to suspected doping, will headline the freestyle finals in Beijing from 11:00 AM CET. And the German Nicole Schott from Essen qualified in 14th place to make the decision.

Olympia live on Thursday: schedule, sports, competitions

Here you can watch an overview of the full Olympic program on February 17th.

Time (Central European Time)



2:05 am

Curling: men’s preliminary round


2:30 AM

Freestyle: Women’s Half-Pipe Qualifiers, Men’s (5:30 a.m.)

women men

3:30 AM

Alpine skiing: a combination of women, slopes


5:10 am

Ice Hockey: Women’s Final


07:00 AM

Alpine skiing: women’s mix, slalom


07:00 AM

Freestyle: cross-country skiing


7:05 AM

Curling: Women’s preliminary round


09:00 AM

Nordic nations combined: team jumps big hill


9:30 am

Speed ​​skating: women’s 1,000m


It’s 11:00

Figure skating: Freestyle skating for women


12:00 noon

North combined: Reinforcement team


1:05 pm

Curling: men’s semi-finals


Olympia Live on Thursday: Broadcast on TV and live

Eurosport /daznthe ARD and the ZDF These are the three addresses to go to if you don’t want to miss the Beijing Olympics.

Olympia Live Thursday: Broadcast on TV

the ARD and the ZDF Share Olympic broadcasts among themselves. Thursday is ARD It’s my turn to report directly from Beijing. the First Broadcasting live from 2:10am to 5:00pm with news breaks.

Broadcasting starts at 02:00 AM Eurosport The Olympic Games on Free TV Eurosport 1It’s similar to a pay TV station Eurosport 2.

Olympia live on Thursday: live stream

In addition to broadcasting television, all stations also have a wide range of online content. that ARD find it on sportschau.debut also provides a file ZDF Media All events are in live broadcasts, even if the station is presenting a different program on TV on Thursdays.

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Eurosport It also offers the possibility to follow its TV programs via live broadcasts. While it can be received for free on TV, this alternative is subject to a fee. On the other hand, the Eurosport playerthe monthly subscription costs 6.99 euros.

Helpful tip: If you already have clients in dazn Be, then you can Eurosport 1 And Eurosport 2 You can also get it there in the live stream. dazn It cooperates with Eurosportso both channels are on the platform.

in a dazn You can watch a lot of live sports: above all football with the Bundesliga, the Champions League or the major international tournaments, as well as the NBA, the NFL, tennis, boxing and motorsports.

You can choose between a monthly subscription and an annual subscription. The monthly subscription costs €29.99 for new and returning customers and can be canceled at any time, while the annual subscription costs €274.99. Register now!