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“Raging Fire” on Ultra HD Blu-ray can also be ordered in Pre-ordered Limited Hard Book from

Update: “Raging Fire” can now be pre-ordered on Ultra HD Blu-ray in limited hard book from!

He’s Hong Kong’s most powerful policeman: Bong (Donnie Yen) has built a reputation for years as an incorruptible investigator on the toughest cases. But one day his past catches up to him. Ngo (Nicolas Tse), his former partner who has changed his mind, and a group of masked gangsters attack a unit of police officers in a particularly brutal raid. A fatal escalation begins.

Top-notch Hong Kong action is guaranteed when the star of ‘IP Man’ Donnie Yen He shows all his martial arts skills. “raging fire” Do The latest film by legendary director Benny Chan (“New Detective Story”) and appropriately appear in limited edition steelbookEquipped with Ultra HD Blu-ray in addition to the player’s own Blu-ray. When it comes to soundtracks, Koch Films leaves nothing to be desired, and here’s where your hi-fi system can count on one Germany Dolby Atmos Or Dolby TrueHD 7.1 (also Mandarin) track. 4K image supported by HDR10. Blu-ray contains making and trailer in extras.

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