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Raiffeisen Regionalbank – good news for 66,780 customers

Raiffeisen Regionalbank – good news for 66,780 customers

The 125th anniversary of the Co-operative Bank was also celebrated at the General Assembly in Heiligenkreuz. Since 1898 (when Raiffeisenkasse Guntramsdorf was founded) the development of what is now the Raiffeisen Regionalbank (RRB) Mödling has continued. Through several mergers (in 2010 the banks Raiffeisen Guntramsdorf and Perchtoldsdorf became RRB Mödling) and dedicated staff that managed to win many clients, it has grown significantly over the years. “We are very pleased to continue the decade-old path of success in 2022,” said General Manager Thomas Schantz proudly. The number of customers increased by more than 2% to 66,780 customers. Credit growth of 11 per cent is also notable.

Raiffeisen is the largest regional bank in Austria

Looking at the total balance sheet, which was approximately €2.2 billion at the end of the year, as of December 31, 2022, Raiffeisen Regionalbank Mödling is the largest Raiffeisen regional bank in Austria in terms of total assets. The result rose to 27.7 million euros.

RRB Mödling also owes its success to its deep roots in the region, and Schantz did not fail to mention it. Many officials from the cooperative area are involved in the bank. Andrea Meyer has been newly elected to the Executive Board, as well as Nina Holzel and Philip Klein to the Supervisory Board. Leopold Dornhofer and Bettina Mantz are no longer running for election. Claudia Sssenbacher, Managing Director of Raiffeisen Holding NÖ-Wien and Member of the Board of Directors of RLB NÖ-Wien, gave a speech on the developments in the Raiffeisen Banking Group NÖ-Wien and presented the awards.

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RRB Mödling’s resilience to crises and the outstanding results of the past few years are “a stable basis for the implementation of new projects, where the focus is always on sustainability,” says Chairman of the Board Gerhard Kosina. The main infrastructure project is the new construction of the site in Guntramsdorf. “We are building for a better future.” Director Sonia Leimer added, “We will use environmentally friendly and resource-saving materials, use renewable energy sources, and take care of climate-friendly agriculture, because it has been one of our strengths for 125 years to open new horizons.”

Facts and figures on the annual report for the year 2022

208 employees have looked after 66,780 customers and 17,386 members. 3.92 billion euros of client funds are managed. RRB Mödling has 15 bank branches in three regions (Mödling, Guntramsdorf, Perchtoldsdorf – Wiener Gasse, Biedermannsdorf, Brunn am gebirge, Gaaden, Gießhübl, Gumpoldskirchen, Sulz in the Vienna Woods, Laxenburg, Maria Enzersdorf – Hauptendstraorf, Mland district Baden, Leopoldsdorf – Bruck an der Leitha and two self-service banks in Perchtoldsdorf-Mulgasse and Maria Enzersdorf-Südstadt.

Gerhard Kosina (20) and Peter Bobits (second from left, 15) were honored for their many years of official activity. Congratulations from Sonja Laimer, Brigitte Sommerbauer, Claudia Süssenbacher and Thomas Schantz.

RRB Mödling Claudia Lautner