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Rail Cargo Austria: ÖBB’s rail freight division

Rail Cargo Austria: ÖBB’s rail freight division

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Facts: Rail Cargo Austria AG

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  • was established: 2004
  • Headquarters: 1100 Vienna, Am Hauptbahnhof 2
  • employees: 5420
  • Activities: logistics services; Transportation and handling of goods 100%
  • Revenue (2022): 1.89 billion euros
  • What is with you: Austrian Federal Railways Holding AG 100%
  • board of directors: Clemens Forrest (finance and turnaround), Emre Kovacs (production and maintenance)
  • board of directors: Andreas Matthä (ARVors), Andrea Reithmayer (ARVorsStv), Rainer Fussenegger (ARVorsStv), Elfriede Baumann, Roman Hebenstreit, Norbert Rothbart, Karin Scheiblehner, Eva Schütz
  • location:

Rail Cargo Austria Board Members Clemens Fürst and Imre Kovacs

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History of railway transport Austria

In the context of the Federal Law on Railway Structure, Rail Cargo Austria AG spun off from the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) in 2005 and was established as an independent company. Rail Cargo was with the five Railroad, operator, towing, trolley fleet and maintenance work areas It is generally known and operated under the name Rail Cargo Group.

Rail Cargo Austria is 100% owned by Österreichische Bundesbahnen-Holding AG and itself owns shares in other companies of the ÖBB group. The company’s board of directors consists of Clemens Forrest (born in 1976), who has been responsible for financing and turnaround since January 1, 2017, and Emre Kovacs (born in 1964), who has been responsible for production and maintenance since February 15, 2019.

In 2008, Rail Cargo Austria acquired the freight division of the Hungarian state-owned railway company Magyar Allamvasutak (MAV). This day works as Hungary Freight Railways.

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