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Raise the curtain of the second Spotlight trailer from Sonic Colors Ultimate

Ultimate Sonic Colors

SEGA today releases the second trailer for the lightsabers of Sonic Colors Ultimate, the adrenaline-pumping new high-resolution version of the iconic Sonic Colors from 2010. In the latest trailer, Sonic fans encounter the colorful wisps that allow Sonic to reach new heights as Dr. Eggman’s Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park travels.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate It will be available in stores on September 7 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One consoles, and Nintendo Switch.

Here is an overview of Wisps and its powers:

white tuft – Fills the boost gauge and speeds up to super speed. Obstacles and enemies on the way are destroyed.

cyan whisper – Transforms Sonic into a powerful cyan laser that moves at lightning speed and blasts through enemies.

jade wisp – Transforms Sonic into a jade ghost that can fly and penetrate hard objects to find hidden areas.

Rosa Wisp – Transforms Sonic into a pink stinger who can destroy walls and ceilings and attack enemies.

green strand – Transforms Sonic into a green hover form to reach higher heights so that he can bypass treacherous obstacles.

Orange Wisp – Transforms Sonic into an orange missile that whistles through the air and reaches unparalleled heights.

blues whisper – Switch blue rings and blue blocks to unlock new ways. Turns Sonic into a blue cube that can trample his opponents as best he can.

Gilbes Whisper – Turns Sonic into a yellow drill. It can burrow itself into the ground or rush into the water.

Laila Wisp – Place Sonic in a hungry purple spike as he devours everything that gets in his way.

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Sonic Colors: Ultimate It will be released on September 7 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One consoles, and Nintendo Switch. The retail version includes an exclusive Baby Sonic keyring as a bonus.

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