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Range Rover Sport as the P510e in the test

Range Rover Sport as the P510e in the test

The comparison confirms. Especially when you put the Brits side by side. Visually, the Sport does everything it can to live up to its name. Horizontal lines dominate, the radiator grille is noticeably narrower as are the headlights. Chrome elements have also been dropped, instead there’s more black.

Inside, the Range Rover Sport welcomes you as you would expect from a car of this origin. Luxuriously and elegantly furnished, even the belt buckles are lit here. In Sport, you sit a little lower than in the Classic Range, but the overall view isn’t limiting. The central control is the Pivi Pro screen. Frequently used controls such as climate control or volume are designed as separate rotary controls.

A lot of effort has been put into noise isolation – unpleasant noises are filtered out, and others you love to hear are let in. That includes the resounding sound of the mighty six-cylinder engine. Range Rover combines a six-cylinder petrol engine with the electric support of the P510e plug-in hybrid. Certainly, the basic idea of ​​the brake is to drive as electrically as possible. But one enjoys starting the petrol engine, because not only does it provide extra thrust, but it also looks nice.

The battery is large enough to mainly use electric power in the city. British country 116 kilometers, we come to about 93 kilometers. However, consumption can hardly be pushed below the 10-liter mark. After all, we are talking about a car with 510 horsepower and a weight of 2.8 tons. When it comes to off-road driving, the Range Rover can do no wrong anyway, the various off-road modes and the great depth of terrain make the Briton appear without any doubt. The question is when you actually drive off-road in a car like that. All-wheel steering, which is standard on the Autobiography we tested, ensures sovereign use on paved roads.

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The Range Rover Sport costs 139,664 euros as the P510e with Autobiography equipment.