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Rapid Vienna wins a friendly match against Danish champions FC Copenhagen – German Bundesliga الدوري

The SK Rapid Vienna Celebrate the 1-0 win over FC Copenhagen at the end of the preparations. Erkan Kara scored the decisive goal in front of 7,500 fans at Allianz Stadium in the 65th minute. >> German Bundesliga summer test <

The Green Egg got two first-class chances in the first stage. Marco Grol victoriously victorious on the wing against two opponents and was immediately a centerpiece. Because Ercan Kara was already lurking there, perfectly rendered and again finished in heels, which is well worth a watch. The guest guard was in the corner at the time (the ninth). With the following action, the Danish goalkeeper was already defeated when a shot on goal by Taxi Fontas became a perfect model for Erkan Kara. While slipping, the Copenhagen defender was only able to guide the skin around the goal post (10).

With significantly more ball possession, Hütteldorfer held the ball flat and always looked for fun solutions. This always worked well up to the guest penalty area, but there was usually a deep defensive streak from the Copenhagen team waiting there, which only made a few spaces available. So the match had to be changed quickly, as in the 39th minute. From the right, the ball reached Max Ullmann a few stops on the left, who had time and space to retreat with his powerful left foot. Good reaction and the goalkeeper’s fingertips prevented us from celebrating the first goal of this match.

After the break, continue where the first section left off. The game was moved to the left, with Max Ullmann accurately aiming the game machine in order to tackle it directly with a paper shot. No frills, the leg of opposing the conclusion was decisively falsified. The pressure increased and a goal celebration ensued. Erkan Kara focused his length perfectly and sank the ball into the net, but the assistant referee raised the flag – offside, goalless (60). But we didn’t have to wait long for it to finally happen: Filip Stojkovic used the entire right wing, his squishy wing found Erkan Kara’s header – 1-0 (65th place).

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Shortly before another goosebumps came into the field with a quick quarter-hour clapping, Ercan Kara, after preliminary work by Christoph Kinsmöllner, left the opportunity for the unused double pack (74). There was little progress from the Danish record champion, and the third-place finisher last season was evident due to the challenging pace, which also led to several errors. Otherwise, Green-White dominated the match at every stage of the match. So, even after 90 minutes, it was a well deserved win and an achievement that makes you want more!

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Photo: GEPA Images / Wien Energie