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Rapper Crow reveals the secret of the mask

Rapper Crow reveals the secret of the mask

Musician Crowe is known to many as an iconic German rapper and songwriter, but more people know him for his eye-catching panda mask.

Mask stayed with him from the first minute of his career and also gave him one chance or another to cheat.

The rapper, whose real name is Carlo Whipple, admitted to having a weakness under his mask.
But where and when? Apparently at the Eco Awards in 2012. Carlo aka Cro was not at the event, but it was a double.
In an interview with a German radio station, he said: “Somehow I couldn’t go there due to lack of time and then we sent another guy who was actually called Carlo.”
So that no one notices the doubler, Crowe had it

Crowe forbade his lookalike from speaking, but with consequences: “Seydou, for example, says ‘hello’ and the man couldn’t answer. I think I screwed up a lot of them.
The artist recently acquired a new mask, very reminiscent of the French electric duo Daft Punk. The idea came to him while on vacation in Bali.

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