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RB Leipzig only brings Baumgartner in TSG’s touchdown

RB Leipzig only brings Baumgartner in TSG’s touchdown

Christoph Baumgartner is currently in a relegation battle with TSG Hoffenheim. This is why rumors about the ÖFB player have been circulating for weeks. RB Leipzig must show interest (new interested party to change Baumgartner >>>).

It should be clear by now: According to Sky reporter Philip Henze, RB Leipzig will only sign the attacking player if his side TSG Hoffenheim are relegated. The reason for this was the non-participation clause in the Lower Austria contract. Baumgartner is available for 30 million euros. It would probably prove too expensive for those in charge in Leipzig.

However, in the event of relegation, this value is halved to €15 million. Then the East Germans must try to change.

In Leipzig, Baumgartner met fellow national team players Xaver Schlager and Nikolaus Seewald (transferred from Salzburg in the summer). On the other hand, Konrad Leimer is likely to leave Saxony for Bavaria (media reports: Leimer has already signed >>>).

In addition to the “bulls”, Glasner’s Eintracht Frankfurt should be interested in Baumgartner.

Baumgartner moved to TSG from St. Polten Academy in 2017. In 2019, he made the leap to pro. There he established himself as the best performer. His contract runs until 2025.

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