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Re-election of Johann F.  Hartl is president of the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts

Re-election of Johann F. Hartl is president of the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts

Vienna After the Senate, the University Council also unanimously reappointed incumbent Rector Johann F. Hartl for a second term at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. The second term begins in October 2023 and lasts four years until the end of September 2027. The University Council has followed the recommendation of the Senate and “looks forward to working with the Rector and the successful development of the Academy”.

Johann F. Hartl accepts the reappointment as President of the University “with great pleasure” and would like “to further develop the Academy in terms of infrastructure and international character over the next few years”. It is concerned with “the active relationship between teaching, research, and exhibitions” and that “the Academy, with its students and staff, helps shape the public discourse and the conditions under which we work and live,” according to current university president Hartl. .

Dr. Johann Friedrich Hartel has been President of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna since October 2019, and was previously Acting President and Professor of Art History and Media Theory at the State University of Design in Karlsruhe. He awarded his post-doctoral research to Jerusalem and Rome before becoming Assistant Professor of Philosophy of Art and Culture at the University of Amsterdam. Hartl is Assistant Professor of Aesthetics at the Chinese Academy of Arts in Hangzhou and Associate Fellow at Simon Fraser University’s Institute of Humanities, Vancouver, Canada. His publications deal with positions in contemporary art, institutional art theories, political aesthetics and the traditions of the Red Vienna. The areas of research, science and international affairs as well as human and financial resources are the responsibilities of his administration.

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