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Still Summer Approval?: Moderna Provides Promising Data on Omicron Booster

Still Summer Approval?: Moderna Provides Promising Data on Omicron Booster

Since Omicron started spreading, it has been clear that previously approved vaccines against this variant are not as effective as, against Alpha or Delta. While protection against severe cycles remained high, it was evident that protection against infection was lower. Therefore, some vaccine manufacturers have set out to adapt existing vaccines to Omicron. Moderna should have succeeded by now.

On Wednesday, the group presented positive data about the new vaccine, and announced the results on social media platforms. According to these data, the new vaccine generates a significantly higher antibody response against Omicron than the vaccine booster with the conventional Moderna vaccine.

The new vaccine is a combination of the original Moderna Covid vaccine and a new active ingredient that specifically targets Omicron. This is referred to as the so-called bivalent vaccine. These are vaccines that do not cover just one variant. In the case of Moderna, this contains the mRNA of the spike protein of the original Sars-CoV-2 variant and the Omicron protein.

Our modernists are hoping for a quick approval

According to the company, the side effects are similar to those previously known. Moderna is optimistic that the new vaccine could still be available into late summer and so could withstand a wave in the fall. The data should be formally submitted for review in the next few weeks.

Moderna’s new vaccine is unlikely to be the only mRNA vaccine that has been adapted. Biontech/Pfizer is also working extensively on a single device. The company expects to be able to provide results within the next few weeks.

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