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Real Madrid's top deal with Alaba Mallorca 6:1

Real Madrid’s top deal with Alaba Mallorca 6:1

Real Madrid is still at the top of the standings after the sixth round of the League. “Royal” celebrated on Wednesday evening with UEFA star David Alaba in the center of the defense Canterheim’s 6:1 victory over Real Mallorca and collected the full points for the fifth time. The unbeaten league series has now been expanded to 24 games. Alaba also made his contribution, preparing the penultimate goal for his team.

Marco Asensio featured in a triple set (24, 29, 55), he met Karim Benzema (third, 78) and finally Isco (84). Alaba and Co have 16 points after their sixth consecutive victory, two points ahead of local rivals Atletico Madrid, who already won 2-1 at Getafe on Tuesday.

Seville also did not lose. Salzburg’s Champions League rivals achieved a 3-1 win in the sixth round against Valencia and thus their third victory in the fifth game of the season. Alejandro Gomes (3rd), a goal from Tony Lato (15) and Rafa Mir (22) made things clear from the start. Valencia achieved cosmetic results thanks to Hugo D’Oro (31) and lost for the second time in a row. Seville is five points away from first place and Valencia is six points away.

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