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The Special Olympics Celebration has ended

The Special Olympics Celebration has ended


The Special Olympics National Summer Games are over in Burgenland. The closing ceremony was held in Oberwert on Monday evening. There was a lot of thanks to Burgenland. Governor Hans-Peter Doskozel (SPÖ) said he wants the Games to be brought back into the country as soon as possible.

Just before 9pm yesterday, the Special Olympics fire broke out. For four days, the athletes gave their best in 15 sports. The medals were awarded 700 times.

Official conclusion of the Special Olympics Summer Games

Kohler: Keep using the momentum and positive mood

Sebastian Koller, youth sector project manager at Austrian Special Olympics, said the selective event should have an impact on work on “inclusion through sport” for people with intellectual disabilities. The many collaborations, the dynamism and the positive mood that has now emerged in the region and perhaps even beyond the borders of the federal states must continue. This is very important, one not only thinks sustainably, but also wants to act sustainably.

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Well-established national organization

The event that has already ended is reflected in the structures. A state organization for Special Olympics has already been established in Burgenland. State Councilor Heinrich Dorner (SPÖ) said that one wants to use the State Assembly to give the subject not only this one event, but also in the future to give lasting importance. The state can support this financially and by communicating about the fact that people with disabilities should move to a community center. “This is our job, too,” Dorner says.

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Impressions of the Special Olympics Summer Games

Doskozil: Try that atmosphere again

At the closing ceremony, Governor Hans-Peter Doskozel (SPÖ) urged everyone to sit down and pay attention. He can imagine bringing the Special Olympics National Summer Games back to the country as soon as possible. One wants to experience such an atmosphere again in Burgenland. According to Doskozel, it can feel “soul,” loneliness. The inclusion wave swept through the entire Burgenland.