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Really the worst MCU movie yet?  This is what thinks about the "Eternals" (no spoilers)

Really the worst MCU movie yet? This is what thinks about the “Eternals” (no spoilers)

Even before its debut, “Eternals” made headlines with a sadly negative record. But is the questionable reputation of the new Marvel movie really justified?

Actually he wanted it Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) With “eternal” We welcome the superhero squad of the same name to the franchise. If critics have their way, it really went wrong: With only 53% of positive reviews currently, ‘Eternals’ is too. Worst Rated MCU Movie on Rotten Tomatoes This is clear even before “Thor – The Dark Kingdom” (66%). It is also the first film in the series to receive the questionable rating of “rotten,” which is reserved for all works that receive less than 60% of positive reviews.

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The question arises, of course, to what extent “Eternal” really deserves the title of worst movie in the MCU. In the end, of course, everyone has to decide for himself, whether or not he will also depend on the reactions of the audience “Eternal 2” Really come. So far, five people on the editorial team have watched the latest Marvel movies. Here’s what we think of the “Eternals”:

This is what Bea thinks about ‘Eternals’

Will “Eternals” meet my expectations – maybe not. Is it the worst MCU movie ever – definitely not, this title belongs to “Thor – The Dark Kingdom” of all time and yet I can understand why many are so negative about the new Marvel movie. Whether it is the expectations of director Chloé Zhao, who creates beautiful scenes here, but can actually do a lot. Or trying to introduce too many characters in too short a time, which leads to the fact that you are not really interested in anyone and somewhat indifferent to their fate. However, I think the movie will get better reviews under the umbrella of another comic franchise, which also speaks volumes about the quality of Marvel movies. Personally, I still look forward to seeing the Eternals with my fellow MCU stars and learning more about them.

Here’s What Ann Thinks About “The Eternals”

I started the movie with very high expectations, which introduces us to the new team of superheroes who have greatly shaped human history over thousands of years and advanced technological progress. Marvel’s latest work is ambitious and has a few strong moments, but it doesn’t fully exploit the underlying idea’s current potential. However, I am curious to know how eternity will last.

This is what Mario thinks of the ‘Eternals’

Those who love sunrise will love this movie. Chloé Zhao has a huge task to master with all the Eternals, and she has to give everyone enough, which unfortunately has only been successful to a limited extent. With Phastos, a gay superhero with a family, Sprite, who has a similar problem to Kirsten Dunst in “Interview with the Vampire” and Angelina Jolie’s Thena with a kind of PTSD, you get interesting characters, but in setting up for the rest of the MCU in a way or another. “Eternals” has some great ideas, it visually oscillates between pretty and uff yet wants a lot, even for the movie’s long running time, which means it only ends up in the bottom third of the MCU films.

Here’s What Teresa Thinks About ‘The Eternals’

Creating new characters in an existing franchise is a challenging endeavor. The MCU had big ambitions with the “Eternals” and introduced not only ten new superheroes, but also a popular comic book character named Dane Whitman, who would one day become the Black Knight. The final movie makes you want more, even if you miss a few characters here and there. As a visually stunning group film in which moral questions are asked, Eternals always works.

Here’s what Andy thinks about ‘Eternals’

I also continue to attribute the title “Worst Movie in the MCU” to “Thor – The Dark Kingdom” as well. ‘Amazing structure’ It bothers me a lot compared to the “Eternals”. There were a lot of interesting ideas to it, even if it was mostly just the beginnings, perhaps the most beautiful recordings in the entire MCU. Especially since I can respect ‘Eternals’ more for the fact that the movie dares to do something. Unfortunately, in the end, the project simply wants too much. well established “Guardians of the Galaxy” A new band comes out of nowhere, but it was only half the size, it did not have to discuss the origin of the whole universe and was united by a common idea – strangers became a family. Unfortunately, this common thread is often missing in the “Eternals”, which makes it a bit messier overall. But this could be the basis for a great sequel, because the characters bring a lot of potential with them.

You see: editors were also hoping for more “Eternals,” but on average they definitely don’t see the worst MCU movie yet. Since visual power is often emphasized, it is useful to have a photo of the work yourself in the cinema, where you can enjoy beautiful pictures in all their glory. We wish you a lot of fun. You can also take it with you to watch the Marvel stars during the fun shoots that our video shows you.

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