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Record Speedrun now 25 minutes

Record Speedrun now 25 minutes

Speedrunners are faster than FromSoftware’s developers at “nerfing”. Only recently, the creators of Elden Ring made several moves that allowed fast runners to defeat difficult bosses in seconds. But when one door closes, the next one opens. Thanks to “Zip Glitch”, there is now another one New Elden Ring playback speed record.

“Zip Glitch” is still not well understood even by players who use it, but it is mainly about protecting the “W” key on the keyboard with eagle eyes and then typing. Macros are already in place to make using the zip glitch a little easier, but other than that, it’s up to the player to determine the correct rhythm of the keystrokes.

The end result is teleportation over great distances and crossing gaps that would not have been possible before. This way you can get to your destination faster and don’t have to walk around for a long time.

Complete the Elden Ring in 25 minutes 29 seconds

Thanks to this zip glitch, Distortion2 player collects a new record of just over 25 minutes. Adorable. However, the record can be excluded to present the leaderboard, since the bugs are highly hardware dependent and also very random. It’s also possible that FromSoftware will fix this error once you find it.

Maybe he will New Elden Ring Speed ​​Race Record Soon 20 minutes. We stay in touch!

The original message from March 14, 2022:

Elden Ring: Sprints are getting shorter and shorter!

elden ring works fast It became faster and faster. Last week it was still 2 hours A wonderful achievement. The record was quickly reduced to just one hour to end up under 30 minutes. The only question remains: How fast can you play with Elden Ring?

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Ironically, it was the same player who broke his own record. With 28 minutes 59 seconds she has distortion 2 Incredible progress Complete the Elden Ring in record time.

The player launched his first match Elden loop playback speed Just four days ago at 49 minutes, another sprinter broke the clock barrier. Distortion2 followed that 49-minute run with just 33 minutes yesterday to set the current world record.

Giant Hand Elden Ring © Bandai Namco Software

Distortion2 beats its own record by 20 minutes

“If I am under 29 years old [Minuten] I’ll be relatively happy.” Distortion2 says right in the beginning. Then it shows a near perfect run with very few errors. For those who don’t know, it works Elden Ring “Speed ​​Run” Mostly by dodging fights. There are a few intentional deaths that can be used to bypass parts of the map.

Also, there is a trick to save the game and skip some scenes. Apart from that, it takes a lot of skill to handle the wanted bosses.

Elden Ring Speedrun: When will the next record be broken?

Thus, Distortion2 showed great skill and defeated “Elden Beast” faster than some pizza delivery services. will distortion 2 elden ring even faster? Or when will someone break the 28-minute record? Maybe we’ll find out soon.

elden ring Now available for Windows PC, Xbox Series X/S, PS5, Xbox One, and PS4.