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Windows 11: Microsoft is extending annoying watermarks

Windows 11: Microsoft is extending annoying watermarks

Microsoft is extending the display of an annoying watermark on the Windows 11 desktop. It’s all about this.

It looks like Microsoft is expanding the watermark overlay in Windows 11. Soon, Windows 11 will probably always show an indication of insufficient hardware.

Previously, this was only the case on select computers.

In February 2022, the first indications of this appeared
Windows 11 displays a watermark in the lower-right part of the desktop above the clock in the taskbar on PCs that don’t meet the hardware requirements specified by Microsoft. It says that the computer does not meet the system requirements. However, functionally, this had no effect, users could still use Windows 11 to the fullest. However, at that time it was A/B testing, i.e. it was not offered on all affected computers. In addition, this A/B test only works on beta versions of Windows 11 that Windows Insiders use. So the watermarks have not appeared in the final Windows 11 version yet!

But Microsoft’s approach seems to be the same

To change now, according to IT news site Windowslatest.
Accordingly, all Windows 11 Insider test builds of the Release Preview channel should now show this notification if the PC doesn’t meet the hardware requirements for Windows 11. Apparently nothing significant has changed in the appearance of the watermark: the notification appears at the bottom right of the desktop Click the clock in the taskbar. If you click on it, you end up in Windows settings. There the user is again told that his computer does not meet the system requirements. However, the annoying notification has no effect on the functions of Windows.

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How to remove the watermark

Windowslatest IT news site

He also has advice
How to remove the watermark:

  • Open Registry Editor.

  • Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\UnsupportedHardwareNotificationCache

  • Change the value of SV2 to “0”.

  • Restart Windows.

After restarting, the watermark should be gone.

Windows 11: Watermark annoys users of unsupported PCs