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Red Bull is optimistic for Miami

Red Bull is optimistic for Miami

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Red Bull: Fifth win in the fifth race?

Before the fifth race of the season, Helmut Marko was optimistic and did not believe that Red Bull’s winning streak would end in Miami. “In the qualifiers it can be the same as in Baku [Charles] Leclerc, be quick, the race must be ours again. corresponding to “oe24”.

Exciting in this context: internally, Max Verstappen is expected to win more than Sergio Perez. “I see Max up front again,” he says of Miami, adding: “Looking at the season, Max Verstappen is the man, he’s more consistent.”

So far, both Red Bull drivers have won two races in 2023. So the team order shouldn’t be there. “As long as everything remains civil, we will not interfere,” explained the Austrian.

He also confirmed that there were no problems between the pilots. “You don’t have to worry about the mood in the team, it’s fine. As long as we are superior, such an internal battle of the team is good for everyone,” says Marco.

At least for the excitement of Formula 1, it’s certainly not a mistake…

4:10 p.m

Formula 1 debut with Alpine Junior

Formula 3 champion Victor Martins will make his Formula 1 debut next week – at least in a test. The Frenchman will drive the Alpine A521 from the 2021 season at Monza.

Martins is competing in Formula 2 this year and has already taken two podium finishes in his rookie season. Let’s see if we can do it again this year He will be seen in action on Friday’s training…

2:39 p.m

Bottas: Hamilton is still his fastest driver

Finn owns it On the “Beyond the Grid” podcast Betray. “For me, he’s the fastest,” he said of his longtime teammates when asked specifically if Hamilton was faster than Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc.

But why is he like this? “First of all, he’s incredibly talented, but he’s also a hard worker,” Bottas asserts, making it clear that Hamilton works harder than you think. He is often the “last pilot to leave the circuit”.

And it is this “mix” of talent and hard work that makes Hamilton so strong. In addition, he consistently delivers at an incredibly high level. On a good day, he managed to beat Hamilton in Mercedes once.

Mediocrity wasn’t enough for that.

2:26 p.m

Calendar revolution in Formula 1?

Last week we were in Baku, this week Formula 1 in Miami, in two weeks we will be in Imola. It doesn’t really make sense from a logistical point of view, which is why Toto Wolff also announced that this should change as early as 2024.

He says, “We will no longer stand from one continent to another. When we are somewhere, we will stay there longer.” vs. APA “The European races are collapsing, the Asian races are collapsing, and those in the Middle East and America are also collapsing,” he explains.

In this way, a lot of flying kilometers and therefore carbon dioxide can be saved. “We have a billion viewers in the world,” Wolf says on climate protection. “We have a mission to beat that drum.” We’re excited to see what the 2024 calendar will look like!

1:53 p.m

Good morning!

Hello and welcome to a new edition of our live Formula 1 ticker. No, I didn’t get up late today, but this weekend, you know, the clocks are ticking on the ticker Miami time, and it’s only 8:00 there.

So it’s the perfect time to start the day bar! A little note at the beginning: FT1 is scheduled for 8:00 PM today, FT2 at 11:30 PM. In between, the usual team chiefs press conference takes place.

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Here’s our tape from yesterday to read again!

Photos: F1: Miami Grand Prix (USA) 2023

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