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St. Polten beat Slavia Prague in the last minute 1-0 in the CL Women's Championship

St. Polten beat Slavia Prague in the last minute 1-0 in the CL Women’s Championship

Austrian women’s soccer series champions SKN St. Polten made history on Wednesday. Lower Austria secured a last-minute 1–0 victory over bottom club Slavia Prague without a point in Mladá Boleslav, their first ever victory in the Champions League group stage. Thanks to Maria Mikolagova’s goal (91) and the first points in the third match, coach Lizzie Brancao’s team can continue to dream of advancing to the quarter-finals.

The difference between Wolfsburg and Roma has been reduced to four points. The Italians, with Austrian Football Association captain Karina Weininger in defense, fought off a deserved 1-1 draw in Group B against the German champions. As for St. Polten, there will be another direct duel with Slavia on December 8 at the NV Arena, which will be managed by Karel Pitak from Salzburg. St. Polten captain Jasmine Eder will be out as the former ÖFB player saw a yellow and red card in the 93rd minute in a sweltering final stage.

Both teams had a very entertaining match on Czech soil, which was just a goal short of a long time. After Balog’s foul, Slavias Tereza Szewieczková just hit the post from the penalty area (22′). On the other hand, a header stretch from Stefanie Enzinger after the Zver cross hit the aluminum can (24). Zephyr (25th) and Švićkova (30th) missed other chances. After that, Eder tested Slavia’s goalkeeper Olive Lukasova (37) with a free kick.

After changing sides, no one was satisfied with the tie because of the starting position, and it was going back and forth as the second half went on. Mikolagova (66th place), 16-year-old Valentina Medel (73rd), who just came on as a substitute, and Zephyr (76th and 79th chance / double) missed the goal or found their master in the powerful Lukasova. The goal was in the air and came in injury time to the delight of the guests. Mikolagova grabbed her core after a successful single from nearly 20m – holding back against the stationary Zephyr – and hit the corner. The Slovak had already scored late at home against Roma 3:4.

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After that I became restless. Eder hit an opponent in the head in a duel, which led to a fight between several players. Then Eder rightly saw the traffic light map. When the free kick was awarded, Slavia’s goalkeeper also stepped forward, after which Zephyr almost scored a goal (95). But her crane overtook her. Slavia is still aimless and pointless.

And in the first set, Marina Georgieva entered in the 66th minute when Paris Saint-Germain beat Vllaznia 5-0 to take four points.