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Red Cross: The health system in Sudan is on the brink of collapse

Red Cross: The health system in Sudan is on the brink of collapse

The International Committee of the Red Cross warns of a complete collapse of the health system in Sudan. We get calls for help from hospitals that have been without electricity or water for days. “They are no longer able to provide basic treatments,” ICRC spokeswoman Crystal Wells told the Catholic News Agency on Monday.

Malnutrition and general food insecurity would only make matters worse. Even before the fighting broke out in mid-April, this posed a huge problem for Sudan.

Many Sudanese are currently pinning their hopes on talks between the military and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces, which began in Saudi Arabia over the weekend. Although the army rejected a political agreement, it blocked prospects for a ceasefire on humanitarian grounds. So far, all attempts to stop the fire have failed. The negotiations are being mediated by the United States and Saudi Arabia.

Wells calls on the warring factions in the Northeast African country to ensure “safe access” for humanitarian and technical workers. It called on the international community to continue working to find a political solution to end the bloodbath in Sudan. Hundreds have been killed since fighting broke out in the capital, Khartoum, and other areas. About 100,000 people have fled across the border. Wells said the distress of those affected increases by the hour.