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Reformhaus Regenbogen: Three Rainbow Grandmothers and their restaurant in Votivpark

Reformhaus Regenbogen: Three Rainbow Grandmothers and their restaurant in Votivpark

The rainbow health food store is celebrating its birthday. 36 years ago, there was inexpensive food for everyone from the university and for everyone in the neighborhood.

Vienna/ALSERGRUND. For about 36 years, there has been inexpensive food at Alsergruunder Reformhaus Regenbogen. “Shall we still go see the rainbow grannies after college?” Heard more in the halls of the University of Vienna since then. The restaurant is particularly popular there, both with students and faculty, says the president Helga Weichselberger. She can smile about the grandmother’s photo. She runs the restaurant with her colleagues.

Big Portions, Natural Ingredients: “The concept hasn’t changed much over the years,” says the owner. Half of the small, comfortably furnished restaurant is a health food store with a wide range of products.

At the same time there is a bar where food is served. There is seating everywhere, but many take the food home in containers they have brought with them, to the university or to the nearby Votivpark, says Weichselberger.

Organic and straight from the farms

Natural ingredients are especially important: many come straight from the farms. The “studelaire” is also popular: it consists of a generous portion of tagine, sauce and salad of your choice for €6.90.

Homemade organic spelled scones are also popular. Many dishes are vegan and gluten-free. So you can look forward to many more years in “Rainbow”.

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